A Kaleidoscope of vibrant Ideas

  • Free seagulls
    Possessing yellow beaded hawkish eyes and gracing white tender feathers The seagull flies to freedom Witnessing the magnanimity the sheer size of the niagara It soars high in the skyin the mist, in the dreams Fearless and free until it becomesa miracle of nature In Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, I had the pleasure of taking […]
  • The country river
    The country river The ageless country river below is still moving, gracefully curving and meandering to the tunes of nature that motherly stream of nature inherently fertile to flora is still slithering with beauty abounding with vivid life!that crimson red lake is still inviting for it brings recollections many the cowboy hat, the blues and […]
  • Wind beneath my wings
    Wind beneath my wings The piercing wind gushes in down from the broad blue sky embellished with sweet rosy patches. – Madhvi Sharma
  • True Colours
    True colours Only a sky shows its true colours For all its worth There are no two faces you can gawk into far and deep places With all its perfect imperfections the horizon is an open book reflection The dappled picturesque sunset is spectacleBleaching into pale yellow the blazing red is admirable Tinged and sprinkled […]
  • Gazing out from the plane
    I have composed the poem ‘Gazing out from the plane’. I composed it while I was en route to a travel destination. Looking out created an entire immersive experience in itself. The surreal hues outside on the horizon really moved me. They forced me to ponder about how the seemingly huge earth and life in […]
  • Making a case for Art
    The entire notion of art extends to the manifestation of human creativity in virtually any form for instance in the form of painting, sculptures, photographs, murals, memes and digital imagery. But, defining Art has remained elusive and hard across the period of centuries. On the superficial layer, art comes across as a medium of artistic […]
  • I am a spy – Poetry
    Hello to everyone! This blog post is a unique one. It is about a poem I wrote after being inspired by the characters in the phenomenal book ‘The portrait of a spy’. The book is from spy fiction and thriller genre and I really enjoyed reading it. So, basically the poem is from the vantage […]
  • Behind the mask
    A poem about the Ultimate veil of true intentions and feelings- Mask
  • Exploring themes of Premchand’s writings
    “Premchand is India. If you haven’t read Premchand, you have missed out on a lot!”- The Hindu In Hindi and Urdu fiction genre, Munshi Premchand is acclaimed as the greatest of all times due to his multitudinous, unparalleled and unmatched writing skills. His writings transcended various borders as he wrote on diverse themes like satire, […]
  • Living a good life
    According to Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worthy of living”. To begin with, a good life is not always about some unattainable ideals about what is a good life and how to obtain happiness and fulfillment. So, through this post, I want to essentially simplify some of the philosophical theories about it to help […]
  • Are we born with morality?
    Have you ever wondered if morality, that mysterious sense of intuition and judgement which tells you to do something or not to do, is hardwired into our brain? Is it something present in your genome and genetics system or is it something which is acquired through the course of life with cultural thinking and cognitive […]
  • Why do we need NGOs?
    Why do we need NGOs? Why do we need NGOs? We need Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to fight the daunting challenges of society at the grass-root level with a local touch. NGOs help bring a change in public opinion which leads to change at a larger scale. These changes help counter the novel challenges that humanity […]
  • Discovering the lapis lazuli within us
    Discovering Lapis lazuli within us Lapis Lazuli is perhaps one of the most coveted and prized gemstones in the whole world. It symbolises infusion of a motley of cultures and their similarities in different socio contexts. It has also been of paramount importance in trade in historical times and a constant reminder of unity and […]
  • Quotes from sign of four
    Sherlock Holmes sign of four “Eliminate all other factors and the one which remains is the truth” – Sherlock Holmes “No no I never guess. It is a shocking habit-destructive to the logical faculty.”- Sherlock Holmes “Wir sind gewohnt dass die Menschen verhöhnen was sie nicht verstehen. (Goethe)—We are used to see that Man mocks […]
  • What is religion?
    Role of religion in our history Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as falls, and by the rulers as useful. – Seneca Many view religion in the 21st century with suspicion and belive religion to be guilty of disagreements and division of the society. But contrary to intuition, religion […]
  • What is philosophy
    What is philosophy? Philosophy is the dynamic intermediate between dogma, religion and science in simple terms. While theology pertains to the realm of blind thinking, no questioning and absolute definitive answers, science relates to incessant reasoning and logic. Philosophy as a discipline figures somewhere between these two and may also be considered as a ‘no […]
  • Tempest
    Author’s note- ‘Tempest’ sheds light on the mental health of teenagers. This poem contrasts an outer tempest with an inner one. While most people observe, recognize and accord significance to an outer thunderstorm, not much people do the same for an inner tempest within the mind. Mental health is important.
  • Are we really free?
    Are we really free? Have you ever wondered whether the decisions we take and actions we do are really governed by us? Let me put it simply for you. So, you are presumably sitting and reading this article. Is it you who chose to read it or is it a part of an unending chain […]
  • The advent of Renaissance
    The efflorescence of political, artistic, cultural and scientific views and the rise of rationalism
  • The innocent world of childhood
    Blissful, carefree and innocent- These are the perfect words to describe childhood!
  • Law and Morality debate
    Have you ever thought about the relation between law and morality? Do irrational and unjust laws even count as laws? Do rational but still unjust laws count as laws?
  • Onset of Spring: Celebrating Basant Panchami
    Vibrant yellow coloured spectrum, kites, dresses and traditional food don the landscape. The onset of spring replaces the chill in the air with the warmth of love.
  • Evolution of Classic Legal Positivism
    The theory of ‘classic legal positivism’ arose in the context of critiquing the traditional weak natural law theory which succeeded the strong natural law theory. A great proponent of this theory, Austin once remarked ‘the existence of law is one thing, it’s merit and demerit another’. Some background about Austin- He was an English legal […]
  • Aquinas’ interpretation of law
    Thomas Aquinas was a renowned Italian philosopher, catholic priest and theologian. He is most known for his treatise on natural law and aristotelian philosophy. His theory popularly known as ‘strong natural law’ sequentially and clearly entails that if a law is unjust, it cannot count as law. For him there existed a very tight relationship […]
  • Tales of fun and Moongfallis: Lohri
    “The smell of Moongfallis, revaries, and delicious traditional Punjabi sweets takes me back to the day of the wondrous and fun celebrations of the festival of Lohri.”
  • Shakespeare and Philosophy
    Did you know that widely regarded Shakespeare works ranging from ‘Hamlet’ to ‘Julius Caesar’ to ‘As you like it’ have deep philosophical undertones? If not, head on to read this interesting post to find out now!
  • Aesop Fables: Why should you read world’s oldest story book?
    Hi everyone, this is a book talk about the oldest book of story tales: the Aesop fables! I talk about it’s history, cultural context, themes, morals, impact of children. These tales are immemorial and transcend human made geographical barriers as they are present in every society and culture. It is very intriguing how this narrative are so aesthetically engaging that they have captured the imagination of humans for thousands of years. Hope you enjoy and learn something! Please like, share, comment and subscribe. Thanks!
  • Royal Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition | Gold award
    I am thrilled to tell you all that I, Madhvi Sharma have been awarded The Gold award in the senior category in the Royal Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021. On this occasion, I would say that I am extremely grateful to god and feeling blessed. It was the first time that I took part in […]
  • They came to Baghdad- Agatha Christie
    Hi everyone! As vindicated by my previous blog posts, detective fiction is my favourite genre. Fascination of fiction is just irresistible to me! And among the names of great crime fiction writers, Agatha Christie comes up on the top. She does it with incredible fluency, ease and artistic fervour. Now, coming to the book, They […]
  • The Ultimate Race
    The Ultimate Race against time-Around the world in 80 days. Humans have always dreamt of sailing, exploring and discovering vast lands. This instinct of going on adventures is not so novel in the anthropological race. It seems so marvellous that while staying in my room only (due to lockdown restrictions), I embarked on daring journey […]
  • UNESCO Summer Programme
    I am so grateful for being selected in UNESCO’s Centre for Peace Summer Program. I collaborated with youth around the world and made projects about implementing sustainable goals. I also attended conferences and great MUN committee sessions. Overall, I had the best time of my life!. I can’t explain in words how much I have […]
  • The Mystery of the Blue Train
    Mystery of blue train Hello everyone! So, I recently read The Mystery of the blue train by Agatha Christie. It was very captivating and thrilling. If you like the mystery, murder and detective genre, I would definitely recommend you to read it. The book is set in the beautiful backdrop of Paris, city of dreams, […]
  • Get your priorities straight!
    The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of life. How vulnerable human life is! We don’t know what the situation is going to be in the ensuing days evidently the circumstances are quite unpredictable COVID-19 seems to be a mere statistic until it reaches your home. But the people who have lost their loved ones […]
  • Be Grateful
    Our never-ending wants make us ungrateful and we never realise the countless small blessings already present in our life. Can we just hold on for a moment in this busy humdrum of life and realise the beauty of life? We never see the true state of our condition till it is illustrated to us by […]
  • Great Words to live by
    This is a short compiled list of power words said by leaders, intellectuals, writers and other great men.
  • My Bookshelf tour
    Two things I love- Flowers and Books in the same frame ❤️ Check out my YouTube video to see the whole bookshelf☝🏻
  • There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind – CS Lewis
    Hi everyone! I was trying some calligraphy the other day and my creative self ended up making this. I believe this is a very powerful message that no matter what happens we should keep moving on. They say if you can’t fly run; if you can’t run walk;if you can’t walk crawl; but keep moving […]
  • Planting a Micro-forest
    Greetings everyone! I along with 9 other children planted a micro forest in a place which was previously a plastic dump. Our whole team is known as ‘Indian Green Warriors’ and we have pledged to always maintain and care for the forest. This short video is a tribute to our journey to creating ‘world’s first […]
  • Celebrating environment day in the true sense
    Humanity is at crossroads today. We can either keep destroying nature and dig our graves or follow the path of sustainable development. The UN COP 26 which is to be held in November 2021 can carry forward the legacy of great environmentalist Sunderland Bahuguna by recognising his principles. He believed ecology to be the permanent […]
  • Beautiful Sunset landscape
    Hi everyone, I tried some calligraphy yesterday. The backdrop in the picture is my garden. I was inspired by the beautiful sunset in my garden the other day. It was like the sun’s light had draped the sky with myriad shades of pink, blue and golden. Actually, I was little stressed and troubled that day. […]
  • King of fruits- the tropical Mango
    Mango is rightly called ‘The king of Fruits’. I feel so fortunate to have so many mango trees in my house! So, I decided to dedicate a whole post to these wonder fruits. A little about mangoes-: Mango is a sweet tropical fruit with unique flavor. It is luscious, pulpy and creamy. That makes the […]
  • DIY Positive Bookmarks
    Hi everyone. I believe that the increasing COVID positivity rate is making us all negative. We are bound to feel stressed and maybe panicked sometimes after seeing the headlines. It is imperative that we all must take care of our emotional well-being in these unprecedented times. You can do so by indulging in self-soothing activities […]
  • How to cover a book with waste plastic bags?
    Every year, 8 million tons of plastic is drained into the sea. That means Every 1 minute, plastic equivalent to a truckload enters the ocean! Now That’s pretty huge. We need to put a stop to this problem until it’s too late. “Small steps may appear insignificant, but don’t be deceived. They are how perspectives […]
  • Is this the last Pandemic?
    The world as we knew it has changed completely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chaos is prevailing everywhere. With the aggressive return of COVID-19, we are experiencing heightened anxiety. Excruciating sights on social media throughout the country sadden my soul. People gasping for breath are ready to pay any amount to get oxygen. Human lives […]
  • Young and Empowered Women
    Today the world is plunging into madness. Empowered women are the need of the hour. We need a ‘new’ approach to solve the ‘old’ problems like the insidious patriarchal system. Perhaps we can turn to books to inspire women and be inspired.Enola Holmes is a series of six books written by Nancy Springer. Reading it […]

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